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Welcome to my small, insignificant corner of cyberspace.

Hello! Thanks for visiting my web site. It is always a "work in progress" - so check back often, or at least on occasion.

Everyone asks why my nickname is "Smiticus." Well, many years ago I was a U.S. Marine. To maintain discipline (and for other reasons, I am sure), individuals were addressed by their last name. Hence, I was known to all as "Smith." The reference to my common last name was soon altered to the more familiar "Smitty." This nickname evolved into "Smiticus" after I distinguished myself as somewhat of an intellectual type. It gave the air of being a philosopher - like the ancient Greek thinkers. So now you know.

Case in point... below is an email I received (back in 1993) after I had fruitlessly engaged in a heated debate with a sergeant about the correct usage of the word "too."
Cpl Smith,
As you know, when discussing the proper use of "to" vice "too," it is required that you first determine if those individuals involved in the discussion are using a Webster's definition or a definition from "Wayne's World." Whereas you and I both know that in a literate society the phrase in question would almost always be "too much," you must remember the declining influence that modern culture has had on the English language.

Therefore, young Smiticus, you must have pity on those individuals that suffer from the severe ailment of "Garthdumb" and try to maintain your own high standards in the use of the English language.

Carry on, Grasshopper,
M. Thompson (a.k.a. Sensei)